We are a community-based non-profit organization changing Kariobangi Slum through football

With 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world and football is the most beloved sport in the continent. Imagine if you could combine the two for social good?

Simama, which means “arise” in Kiswahili, is a community-based organization that believes in the power of football to unite a people and transform lives.

We therefore harness the power of football and the vigour of youth to bring social change and impart life-changing skills to the marginalized children and youth of Kariobangi Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Our Programs

We’re on a mission to use sports to empower the youth in marginalized communities.


We use football as our basis to champion for safer neighbourhoods and promote education and civic education as well as impart life, leadership and social skills.

Arts & Culture

We offer training on dance, music, poetry and acrobatic, skills the youth use to make a living as well as create awareness on social issues.

Social Justice

We conduct youth-led civic education through meetups where we address inclusion, tribalism, stereotyping, gender-based violence and children’s rights.


We empower the youth with computer, photography and filming skills to earn a living as well as tell the story of daily living in Kariobangi Slum.